Rigby is a cute, approximately 3 year old black & tan male, on the small side and very thin at just around 60-65 pounds. He has settled in nicely and has become much more outgoing, and comes looking for affection. His comical personality comes out once he gets comfortable, and he'll roll on his back for attention.

Rigby is a Special Needs boy.
He has just been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, and will need enzymes added to his food for the rest of his life. Without them, he won't be able to digest his food and will starve to death. The cost for the supplement will vary depending on how much he needs, but it will be a moderate expense added to his upkeep.

Rigby gets along with people of all sizes and other dogs he's met so far. He's housebroken and has very nice house manners. He's a very easy-going boy, and settles in nicely to a household routine. He's pretty good on leash, doesn't jump up on people and has no destructive habits so far. He loves to go on walks and waves his tail around happily when out for a stroll.

Rigby can get along with cats under an experienced owner.