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PacinoPacino Head

Pacino is an almost 7 year old handsome sable-colored male, weighing 89 pounds. He was originally a stray, so nothing is known of his original start in life. Based on some of his behaviors, ie, teeth chattering when excited, he may have a touch of malinois in him for good measure. He has been in our rescue for 9 months and all of his fosters love him.

He is housebroken, uses a dog door, and will go into a crate. He gets along best with other female adult dogs, but can be a bit pushy for other male dogs. He loves going on walks, but can pull hard if excited about something. If given a good corrections, he settles back down. He is also great in the car. Pacino tries to push boundaries when it comes to some behaviors, ie, counter surfing and sneaking on the couch when he thinks no one will notice.

The foster family call him the Squirrel Hunter. On patrol 24/7, there are no errant squirrels in the yard perimeter!!

In public, he is very especially affectionate and loves scratches and pets. Pacino is quick to offer his paw to new folks, so they can get to know him better. When settled at home, Pacino does not easily accept strangers entering the home. His intros are best done slowly with him on a leash or from watching in a crate to realize the newcomers are acceptable to the human pack.

Pacino came to us with bacteria resistant ear infections. He's had several treatments and been to a specialist. Currently his ears are clear of infection, although regular ear washes are needed to keep them in check. We are told he has no hearing from his right ear, but his left ear seems to compensate just fine.

This boy would do best in a home that enforces leadership to remind him who is in charge. Regular exercise, car rides, plenty of affection and play time will make Pacino one happy boy.

No small dogs, cats or small critters for this boy.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Updated bio - August, 2019; Added December 2018

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