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Miela (My Ella) is a cute and happy female Belgian Malinois (mostly) who is a very young 10.5 years old. Through no fault of her own, Miela was returned to us when her family could no longer keep her.

She is an extremely well-mannered little girl, walks perfectly on lead, knows basic obedience commands, sits and waits to be fed, is crate and potty trained and is fantastic in the car.

Miela will engage in play with other playful dogs and her foster dad, and has gotten along with all the dogs, large and small, that she's met. However, she does not like the energy of the 3-4 month old puppy that comes to visit and will go to her crate to be safe from the puppy monster.

Since her foster dad is working from home these days, she knows when it's time to "go to the office" and runs to his home office and claims the very plush, cushy bed before the others in the pack can get it. She a pretty good co-worker, a lot better than some of her foster dad's real co-workers, and is only pretty good because she alert barks at the mail person and the amazon person and sometimes wants to be get up in my lap and snuggle - not great traits when 80% of your day is spent in video conferences...ha, ha!

It's uncanny how true her original bio was back in 2009 - she is smart, fast, athletic, confident, everything you would expect from a 5-6 month old Malinois pup. With all that she is also very loving and she would like very much to be a lap dog and snuggle - that's still Miela today!

The perfect home for this little girl would be one that has respectful dogs or has someone home all day, lots of exercise - she easily walks 2-4 miles a day and is always ready for more, a soft bed in every room where her human spends time, and a human that will take her everywhere they go, in return she'll give you the love and loyalty we expect from GSD/Mals.

This ole girl has a lot of life left in her and is one of the sweetest, easiest, most gentle and nice dogs I've ever fostered. She deserves to have a home to call her own for the rest of her years, and in turn will be an amazing companion.

Miela's most recent bio pictures below were taken on one of our outings to Folsom Lake which is her favorite place to go to run and play.

Miela's history with GCGSR:

In 2009, Miela originally came into rescue as a 5-6 month old puppy (see original bio and pictures below) and 8 years later (2017), she was surrendered to a local area shelter. The shelter scanned for a chip, and thankfully the chip was still registered to GCGSR, so we were contacted and immediately went to pick her up.

In 2017, (see 2017 pictures) we thought we found Miela her perfect forever home but after a few years, the family had to move and couldn't take Miela to the new home, so we brought her back into rescue again. That brings us to 2020, her third time in rescue and second time at her foster dad's house.

Once a dog comes into the GCGSR program, it will be a GCGSR dog for life, and Miela is living proof of that! We take great pride in that we will always bring a dog back into rescue, no matter the circumstances, and find it the home it deserves, no matter how much time has passed.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added April 2020

2020 pictures

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Miela - 2017 pictures

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Miela - Original bio and pictures - 2009

Miela is a female German Shepherd-wannabe. Mostly Belgian Malinois by birth, she is smart, fast, athletic, confident, everything you would expect from a 5-6 month old Malinois pup. With all that she is also very loving and she would like very much to be a lap dog and snuggle. When she's not terrorizing her foster brother she will climb up in foster mom's lap and give plentiful kisses.

This is not a dog for an inexperienced owner. Yes, she is darling, but the cuteness factor aside she is the kind of dog who will take over if she does not have an experienced owner with strong leadership skills. She gets along with other dogs as long as they let her have her way. If her foster brother does not give up a toy she wants, she will snarl and bark and take it from him. He weighs 80 pounds, she weighs 20 pounds, and she dominates.

Miela has learned to walk nicely on leash and she is housebroken and crate-trained. She has made great progress in a very short time for a puppy who had no manners and apparently had never been inside a home until she came to rescue.

Obedience training is not an option, it is a must for this girl. If you are committed to training and daily exercise, Miela will make a wonderful companion. Without proper direction, she will use that energy to entertain herself at everyone else's expense.

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