Marley Mae

Marley Mae is a cute, petite, snow white female around 18 months old. She was given up by her owners when they lost their home. Marley is still very much a puppy and has a lot of puppy energy.

Marley is housebroken and has excellent house manners. She is very sweet and friendly with people, but can be timid and become scared in new situations, and still needs more experience meeting new dogs. Once she feels comfortable with other dogs, she likes to play chase and her energy may be too much for small dogs and small children.

This little white princess is very affectionate and likes to sit as close as possible to her people. She loves to play catch, carry around a ball, bite at the water out of the hose, and go for car rides. She's a good traveler, rides well in a crate, and will sleep in an open crate in the house. She is learning her obedience commands and will Sit and Wait for her dinner.

With just a little more training and some more experience with people, places and other dogs, she'll be a charming companion for a patient, calm owner and another dog for companionship. She barks at cats, but could probably learn to live with a dog-savvy cat.