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ThorstonThorston Head

Thorston is a stout 18 month old German Shepherd male who is slightly underweight at 73 lbs. He was relinquished by his lifetime owner due to a new employment situation leaving little time to care for him. His upbringing led Thorston ('Thor') to flourish into a uniquely gentle, affectionate companion.

This boy enjoys meeting all humans and dogs with curiosity and ease. Strange environments, however, may be unsettling for this boy, leading him to whine or pace. He will overcome this well with calm leadership, allowing him to build confidence as he matures with each new exposure.

In the home, he displays good manners and will lay quietly near his human, often moving from spot to spot. He will gladly approach anyone who wants to offer affection, and he will say 'yes' to a game of fetch with a ball. He engages in play with his two other foster mates (see Jorgina and Zak), and he respects their space without protest. When left alone, he may vocalize with a robust how but soon settles as he waits for his human's return.

Thor is housebroken, walks gently on a leash, and is crate trained. He rides well in the car and is ready to discover what life has to offer!

No cats or small critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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