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ShaefferShaeffer Head

Shaeffer is a 3 yo Black and Tan male with an impressive stature. He is currently underweight at 75 lbs, but he is making good progress on rebuilding strength and stamina. Although the story of his youth is unknown, he has puppy-curiosity and is responding remarkably well to human partnership.

While he was in the loud shelter environment, Shaeffer displayed constant high-energy with rough play behaviors. Once he adapted to the comforts of a quiet indoor life, however, he is showing quite the opposite. He enjoys being with his human in the home where lounging on his extra-large dog bed has become his favorite pass time. Add a belly-rub and he is your best friend! Daily walks with short intervals of play (monitored for assertiveness) with his foster-mate appear to satisfy his exercise needs. This may expand, of course, as he builds more muscle and strength.

Given his puppy-nature, he uses his height to his advantage by occasionally searching the counters for any unattended goodies, or to greet his humans face-to-face (in case you didn't notice him) to give you kisses. This is diminishing with consistent corrections and discovering that food and affection are no longer scarcities in his world. Even at ground-level, there are no shortages of kisses from this boy.

Shaeffer walks well on a leash and is becoming more eager for his car rides. He sleeps in a crate at night and is housebroken with a dog door. If you are searching for a new family member, this guy has the characteristics that make him a wonderful loving companion.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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