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ScarScar Head

Scar Is an all black, 5 year-old male German Shepherd who weighs 75 pounds. He was surrendered to a local shelter so nothing is known of his past. He had a mass removed from his face at the shelter, the same time he was neutered recently. The mass was tested and was benign, so there are no concerns, except to make sure the wound heals properly.

He has a good appetite, knows some basic commands and heals well on walks. Scar is friendly to his foster and is a good alarm barker with a nice deep voice. He jumps in the car with enthusiasm and rides well. He currently sleeps quietly in a crate at night in a large room where all the dogs are crated all night. He is currently in a home with two other male German shepherds and one female German shepherd. He did get into an altercation over a toy. He really loves all toys but his favorite is a ball. He will set the ball at your feet and stand back and wait for you to throw it for him. The only problem is he is quite possessive of toys and balls so if he goes to a home with another dog there can't be anything he perceives as a toy. With a dog that resource guards additional care is needed if he's around other dogs. We are uncertain how he'd respond toward children, so older children only in his forever home. Some people choose to not allow toys at all if they have a multiple dog household in order to maintain order.

Regular exercise and a formal obedience class will help him bond to his new people.

Cats and small critters unknown

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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