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Remi is an adorable 7-month-old female white German Shepherd mix. She was found on a rural road by a Good Samaritan. The good Sam notified authorities and tried to find the owners of this cutie for over a month with no luck or response to posted ads.

Remi is living with three GSDs and a couple of other medium sized dogs and gets along with all. Her favorite playmate is Momma Mia (a GCGSR dog up for adoption) who is a 10 yo female, and they play multiple times per day!

She is crate trained, potty trained with a dog door, walks well on lead, and is learning the basics - sit, stay, down, etc. Her foster dad takes Remi and the three other GSDs out for daily pack walks where she does well and knows her position in the pack as we walk. On these walks, Remi's position is between her foster dad (to her left) and one of the resident dog to her right. She has been taught the command 'inside', which is used when she has gotten out of her walking position and her foster dad wants her to return to her place in the pack. She does this very well.

Remi is extremely food motivated, so she loves to train! Since her foster dad runs a large pack, she has learned to be calm and wait while meals are prepared then waits patiently while the bowls are set for all the dogs and is released to eat. She has also learned to wait at a door until her foster dad has walked through and is good with the 'off' command when her foster dad comes in or goes out the front door or gate leading to the front yard. She is very much a puppy, but is learning how to be a big girl with the help of her foster pack and the boundaries and structure they live under.

Remi came to rescue a very unsure and insecure little girl. Her foster dad has worked with her, taking her anywhere dogs are allowed, trying to show her the positive side of places, things, people, animals, etc. She has done quite well, either in one-on-one situations with her foster dad or when accompanied by one of her foster pack mates. When taken to a pet store and observes another dog, she can get quite excited and animated and sometimes growls, but corrects well. If the other dog will allow approach, she almost always starts off with a play bow and tries to initiate play. She does better in these situations with another calm and confident dog by her side.

Remi's insecurities are most prevalent in the home. She is good at alerting when someone is at the door and if that person is invited into the house, she does quite well and will appropriately engage. If a known member of the family, not her foster dad, walks in the front door, or for example enters the master bedroom at night, she can get growly and puffy and sometimes bark but this is easily defused with treats and the sit command. The master bedroom example does not apply if she is crated, only if she is sleeping free.

Children - Remi's first encounter with children was a scary ordeal. With additional exposure and treats, Remi has found that they aren't scary monsters but fun play partners. Remi's foster dad does not have children, so her exposure to children has only been when she is out and about at dog friendly establishments.

As a 7-month-old puppy, Remi is smart, fun, sweet, cute and is always up for a game of chase, tug-of-war, fetch (she doesn't really return the ball, yet), training and water play. Remi loves water and loves to swim! At her foster home, the water buckets are outside and each day Remi is outside playing in them. Prior to Remi, the buckets were cleaned and filled once per day, but now, the buckets are cleaned and filled multiple times per day. Her foster dad finds this amusing, adorable and charming and loves to see her have such fun.until she comes in the house completely drenched and dripping water.

Remi will only be available for adoption to a home that has previous German Shepherd (or similar) experience, does not have small or young children and who have a fun, playful, well-mannered and confident dog.

This little girl is an amazing puppy, but will require work, dedication to training, regular exercise, continued socialization, structure and boundaries so that when she matures, she will be the perfect companion pet.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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