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MoxieMoxie Head

Moxie is a cute red and black 3 year old, petite female weighing about 60 lbs. She came from a local shelter as a stray, so we have no history about her.

She has a very sweet temperament and friendly to all including younger kids. Very affectionate and often lays her head on your lap to be petted. Follows her human everywhere and although did not do well left in a crate without anyone home, she has been fine in the house uncrated and is proven she is housebroken. She sleeps through the night on a dog bed with no issues. She knows basic commands like, sit, stay, no and down and is a very quick learner.

Moxie is in a foster home with a nine year old male Shepherd and does fine, but can be a bit possessive over toys. She doesn't care for the crate and tries endlessly to break out. Most experiences seem to be new to her and she can be a little skittish until she is reassured. She does ok on a leash but needs work, she is very strong. She was afraid of passing cars at first but after two weeks and walking several times everyday, she hardly notices them anymore, unless they are particularly loud. She rides fine in the car but doesn't care for it much. She usually lays behind the driver seat on the floor while the car is moving and pokes her head up when it stops. The one time she road with the other dog, she was more relaxed and curious as to why he had his head out the window and she tried it a couple times as well.

Moxie would do best in a home with another confident male dog. Continued socialization and formal training will also benefit this sweet girl.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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