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Merry is another sweet female shelter dog that came into rescue in December, so we don't have any background on her aside from her having had at least one litter of pups. This 3-4 year old beauty is medium sized (about 65 labs) and has a gorgeous, black and tan coat and big, expressive ears.

While she appeared housebroken (and has since learned to use the doggie door), other aspects of indoor living and being an active pack member seem new to her. She will sleep quietly in a crate, but especially loves to alternate between the various dog beds throughout the house. She has also been trusted to remain indoors with the other dogs when her foster mom is away and has only shown bad habits when it comes to unattended food or food-trash.

When unsure of what is expected of her, Merry will act a bit nervous and adopt a submissive posture, but she still craves pets and attention. She loves being near her human and giving kisses, but the rest of the world leaves her a bit uncertain. She is making tremendous progress in her foster home as she gets used to her routine and has started playing and engaging with the two younger, playful dogs in her foster home. Besides her two new playmates and another senior German Shepherd, Merry has also proven to be a considerate housemate of the feline members of her foster home, so she may be able to live with dog savvy cats. She has a sweet, gentle nature but will occasionally jump when she gets excited so care should be used around smaller children.

With her human by her side, she is completely willing to step out of her comfort zone and experience new things, so continued socialization and training will make her a wonderful companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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