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Melissa is an approximately four years old, pretty tan and black (possibly sable?) female weighing 78.5 lbs. She was adopted out about a year ago but due to unforeseen circumstances, that were no fault of Melissa's, she has been returned to us for rehoming.

Melissa is housebroken, she does not chew, and does not dig. She is okay in a crate. She does travel well in cars. She is great with adults, is a bit skeptical of strangers, but warms up quickly when she sees her humans interacting with them. She seems indifferent towards cats and other animals, just curious. She's cautious with bigger dogs, smaller dogs she doesn't mind, but needs to be introduced very slowly. Once she is comfortable with them, she loves to play.

She knows basic commands, sit, lay, shake, off, come, stay. She can be outside for periods of time, but she has been primarily an inside dog. She loves any toys that squeak, and loves walks with her humans. She is very affectionate and is the absolute sweetest girl.

Melissa is not good with young excitable, energetic children, so only older children or a no child household will be considered. She would love a home where she can be included in the family's activities like hikes and outdoor adventures.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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