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Jillian (aka "Jilly") is an expressive 4 yo black & tan female weighing approximately 75 lbs. Since she was a stray, the storybook of her past is unknown to us. It is clearly apparent, however, that her theme is to jump into life with exuberance! In fact, she behaves much more like a curious adolescent co-pilot.

Jilly will gently approach all humans, initially with brief pass-by encounters. As she makes sense of her new acquaintances, she quickly settles and will pause for longer periods of affection. In the home, her curiosity prompts her to get a bird's eye view of counter tops or through windows to track her human's whereabouts. These behaviors are diminishing with consistent boundaries and constant reminding that her human will return. Although she is a busy lady, she eventually chooses to lay quietly by your side like a dedicated partner awaiting the next plan for action.

When encountering new experiences, Jilly may occasionally burst into unbridled excitement displayed by romping in 360 degrees. With calm guidance, this is rapidly replaced with cooperative patience. She responds to human direction quickly and is showing eagerness to learn how to "do what's right".

Jillian approaches all dogs with a curious welcome but may find some small dogs subjects for her to control. If she is unsure with her new dog encounters, she will choose avoidance but will quickly return to re-engage. She takes her time to bond closely to K9 buddies and may intermittently test them to see if they acknowledge her 'supremeness'. She has lived with multiple co-fosters in harmony although she finds it difficult to share high-value items in view (Nyla bones, treats). Balls, in particular, are her obsession! These will ignite her tendency to 'grab it first' from anyone, including her human packmates. Consistent training will be needed to help her develop patience, understand the house rules, and learn the concept of interactive play. Once she gets it, she's a solid partner in your winning team.

Given her healthy physical stamina, Jilly enjoys long daily walks without hesitation. She is eager to join in on any car ride (in fact, she may attempt to jump into random vehicles hoping for a road trip). She is housebroken and accustomed to using a dog door. At night, she enters her crate where she will sleep quietly. Unique to this gal are her vocal expressions that include a pleasant baritone howl as if to say, "Let's do this!" There's not a day without entertainment with this lively gal.

No small dogs. Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog.

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