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HewlettHewlett Head

Hewlett is a beautiful black and tan female born on 12/29/21. She was surrendered to us with siblings Epson and Packard. The family who had the entire litter did not have people interested in these three and were afraid of them not finding homes before they got too big.

Hewlett is the smallest of the three pups but it doesn't hamper her enthusiasm to play. She is toy driven and loves to play fetch. She is good with children and other dogs, but still has her biting stage to go through. She can use the dog door, but doesn't quite have all the housebroken rules down yet. She is being fostered with 6 year old Annabelle (see her bio at and Hewlett loves to snuggle up with Annabelle. Hewlett will also cuddle up with her person and fall asleep.

She would do well in a home with another dog, but appears she can do fine alone as well. She will benefit from consistent training and supervision. Although she has not been tested with cats or critters, she's still young enough to learn to accept them.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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