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AmosAmos Head

Amos is an active 8-month old pup. He was a stray at a local shelter, so nothing is known of his background.

Amos is happy to play chase and wrestle with other dogs outside. Indoors, he is learning to relax on a dog bed and chew dog toys. He is quite the goofy puppy at times, chasing the cat just for fun or prancing around with a ball.

He loves to be with his people, and jumps up to get attention or to be let indoors. He is learning to sit to get what he wants, but still needs to work on his manners. Because of this, older kids and people steady on their feet will be a better match for him. He walks on a loose leash, but isn't sure how to heel correctly yet. He goes to bed when told in his crate.

While Amos is still working on his manners, he's making progress and will be a great companion for a home ready to invest in continuing his training.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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