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ZoyaZoya Head

Zoya is an exotic 4 yo female Belgium Malinois weighing approximately 55 lbs. Although little is known of her childhood, this girl clearly won all 'Miss Congeniality' contests in her life. Be prepared to be disarmed as she casts her spell on you with her graceful charm and irresistible engaging eyes.

Upon entering our program, she has shared foster homes with multiple male and female Shepherds. There is no time for boredom when this gal bursts invitations to join in playtime! Despite her natural athleticism, however, she is overall low to mid-energy and will also enjoy her time lounging in their company. She does well with all dogs she meets, large and small; however, speed is on her side, so supervision is recommended to prevent intimidation to smaller dogs. If she is in possession of a high value item, she will let other dogs know to kindly stay away.

Zoya enjoys her daily walks with ease and is more than willing to join you on a car ride adventure. If you have errands in cool weather, she will simply relax in the vehicle until you return. She has developed excellent house manners with an appreciation for a comfy dog bed near her human. She does her best to keep watch on you and, on occasion, will use her muzzle to lift your hands off the keyboard so you can lavish her with loving pets. She's quite good at this, so your emails might have to wait. When separated from her people, she will do her best to come search for you including jumping a fence. Slowly she is adapting to periods of separation knowing her family will reunite once again.

She sleeps quietly in her crate during the night, is housebroken, and is accustomed to a dog door. This gal is a quick learner who would love to share her charming company with a loving family.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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