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Titus came to us with seemingly little life experience, so everything is new to him. He is sometimes insecure and will whimper when he's uncertain. He meets people easily, both at home and in public. He is initially slightly anxious but settles quickly and walks nicely on a loose leash.

He lives with three other German Shepherds, GCGSR foster dog Glenlivet, and 3 cats. He is a playful boy who loves to rough house with his pack mates and is respectful of the cats with only an occasional reminder not to try to engage with them. He gets along splendidly with his playmates but also sees them as competition for his human's attention. He will sometimes whine and frantically try to make himself the center of attention, but is learning that patience and good behavior will earn the desired consideration from his human. When his foster mom leaves the house, he can be heard crying for a short time, but soon quiets with comfort from his canine friends and has never been destructive. He is anxious in public when other dogs are around, so continued socialization will help him conquer his insecurities.

Titus learned house rules quickly and at mealtime will go to his spot, sit, and wait patiently for his food. He uses a doggie door to go in and out and crates easily at bedtime. His favorite spot is wherever his human is, so he will make use of the dog beds throughout the house to stay close to his foster mom. He loves to ride in the car and relishes any activity where he can be with his people. Continued training and socialization will help Titus gain confidence, and this loyal, affectionate boy will be a wonderful companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2021`

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