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Announcing the debut of our latest Princess, Miss Spritz. She is a delightful 4 yo Sable female that weights about 62.5 lbs. Found as a stray, we do not know details about her past other than the fact that she suffered from chronic bilateral ear infections. With the generous support from TEAM (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter, a local non-profit organization), she received necessary surgical care which involved the removal of both ear canals. This procedure left her with two floppy ears; however, this adds soulful charm to her irresistible face. One thing for certain, this does not stop her from enjoying life to her fullest.

Spritz currently lives with another foster male (see Cognac) with whom she finds comfort while home during long work days. Daily walks and car rides have become familiar in her routine and have allowed her to build strength and stamina. She will burst with delight when she reunites with her human or when you throw her a ball, but she will settle rapidly onto her dog bed or open crate with respectful house manners.

This gal has a gentle personality that quickly warms up to meeting all people and dogs (large and small) with ease. She enjoys human affection and belly rubs but has the patience to wait her turn. She is housebroken and quite skilled using the dog door. During the night, she sleeps calmly in her crate.

The surgery left Spritz with limited hearing, although she does capture certain frequencies. She is learning to respond to hand and light signals, and takes welcomed guidance from her canine pack friends. Because she doesn't hear well, she may not pick up on a low growl coming from another dog that is trying to warn her away so her human will need to watch to avoid any conflicts. Care is taken to avoid startling her when she is napping. Due to suspected food allergies, which likely contributed to her ear condition, she is maintained on a supportive diet.

Few dogs possess such a charming demeanor as this gal. She will melt your heart when she gazes into your eyes with her grateful soul.

Cats and small unknown

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2021

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