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SpencerSpencer Head

Spencer is a striking 1 yo Black and Beige Shepherd weighing 80 lbs. He initially entered our program in September and was adopted by a family who owns another one of our former female Shepherds. He adapted well to their household which included a wide age range of family members as well as livestock, however he was returned due to reactions to unpredictable movements by young children. For this reason, he will do best in a calm environment with few surprises.

In his current foster home, he rapidly adapts to living with multiple canine foster mates, although he may start off a bit awkward. This boy is the definition of an 'overgrown puppy', both in mind and body, which means he is a tad clumsy when he is introduced into new social situations. Once he realizes he is safe, his exuberance blossoms and is he eager to share greetings and accept invitations to play. He enjoys a variety of toys and will engage in a game of cooperative chase with tantalizing delight.

Spencer meets all humans with calm curiosity. When he gets excited with his human attention, he may become a bit mouthy. This rapidly diminishes with consistent corrections and praising pets. However, this may be replaced with a desire for cuddle time on your lap! He is very eager to go on a walk and is rapidly learning that moving vehicles and other dogs can be successfully ignored. In the home, his favorite pass time is to lay quietly near his human ready to share a gentle wag when you whisper soft words of endearment.

Spencer is housebroken, accustomed to dog doors, and sleeps quietly in his crate through the night. He is ready to join on any car adventure where he will lay calmly as your copilot. Continued exposures under calm, confident leadership will allow him to become a very grateful household companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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