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Raphael, a sweet two year old male black and tan, came to us from a local shelter so we don't know much about him aside from the fact that he had a severe injury to his right rear leg that required amputation. This handsome boy weighs in at 90 lbs, and his large muscular frame allows him to get around great on 3 legs. Although he sometimes acts unsure, he quickly mastered the doggie door and the four steps going to the backyard.

He is living in a foster home with three other German Shepherds, met all of them nicely, and is now starting to participate in their doggie games. He is also living with indoor cats and has always been curious, but respectful. At night, he sleeps on a dog bed in his foster mom's bedroom and is happy lounging nearby when his foster mom is working. He is very affectionate with humans, but as with many young German Shepherds, he can sometimes be 'mouthy', but he redirects easily. He occasionally startles at loud noises and he displays slight panic when initially leashed but soon settles and is learning to walk nicely on leash.

Since he is so engaging with people and is not physically hindered by his amputation, Raphael would do best in a family that includes him in their activities to broaden his world and build his confidence. Training will also help and tends to create a strong bond between the dog and the handler.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added February 2021

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