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Nutmeg is an approximately 2-3 year old black/tan beauty who is a nice medium size at around 65 pounds. She came from an area shelter, so nothing is known of her background, and she even spent a bit of time on their adoption floor waiting for a family of her own. This sweet girl was overlooked at the shelter but has become a House Princess in her foster home and finally has a chance to show off her sweet nature.

She met the other 3 other German Shepherds in her foster home nicely and was not shy about jumping right in when they rough-house and chase each other. She can sometimes get a little competitive for attention but responds to a reminder that she needs to share her humans. While Nutmeg craves attention from her human and is confident in her doggie interactions, she also tends to adopt a submissive posture when given instructions or corrections. Once she realizes she will not be punished inappropriately, she concedes and follows direction, and this behavior is diminishing as she becomes clearer on what is expected of her and her role in the pack. Nutmeg is also living with 3 indoor cats and is respectful of them. Sometimes she appears curious, but a 'leave it' command will redirect her.

She will go into her crate when asked and sleeps quietly all night, and she has also slept on a dog bed next to her foster mom's bed. She uses a doggie door to go outside, and if the door is closed, will wait patiently by the door to be let out. While past the puppy chewing phase, on occasion she can't seem to resist food wrappers that are within her reach. As with many German Shepherds, she can be a bit 'mouthy' when engaging so young children may not be appropriate playmates for this spirited girl.

Nutmeg's shelter records indicate that she has hip dysplasia on both sides, but fortunately she does not seem to be exhibiting outward symptoms and does not appear to be in pain. A healthy diet to maintain an ideal weight, vitamin supplements, as well as regular exercise to keep the muscles around the joints strong will help to manage her condition.

This sweet, affectionate girl is waiting for a home to call her own that will continue her socialization and training.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added March 2021

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