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Lilu is a dainty 3 year old tri-colored female who is currently underweight at 51 lbs. She was brought into our organization through a local shelter with her 9 fluffy 4-week old puppies.

Upon arrival, she was severely undernourished and socially intimidated with all that is going on in her new world. Despite these challenges, she adapted well in her foster home where she successfully raised a healthy, well-balanced litter. Lilu is now able to focus on regaining much needed body strength and building her social confidence without the need to nurse her pups.

This gal is pure feminine delight. Her mission is to meet any human and canine friend she can with a gentle 'hello'. Her timid nature will, however, cause her to retreat quickly if she perceives a threat. Although she chooses avoidance in these situations, she does have the courage to return and 'try again'. She finds comfort in the company of calm confident dogs with whom she can explore the world without hesitation.

Lilu has lovely house manners, as she usually spends most of her time laying on a comfy dog bed. Toys are not a big interest of hers, but she will never turn down a soft chit chat with massaging butt rubs! She is learning to walk very well on a leash as she engages joyfully on her daily walks. She gets spooked now and then while walking in the dark, but takes cues well from her human to ignore any distractions. Car rides are new to her, and entering a vehicle is very intimidating. She will benefit from repeated opportunities to show her this adventure can be enjoyable.

Lilu is quietly keen with a rapid learning curve. She appears housebroken and willingly enters her crate where she sleeps quietly during the night near her human. She has an impressive baritone howl to distant sirens, much like a soothing 'Moo'. Otherwise, she is quietly content and grateful with your simple company. This girl will surely make a warm addition to a welcoming calm home.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added February 2021

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