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Kammie is an 18 month old black and tan female german shepherd weight about 63 pounds. She spent all of her time in the backyard during the day, and then was crated in the garage at night.

She had no house/socialization manners, however, she figured out the dog door and the stairs within 1 day. She hasn't had any accidents in the house yet.

She CRAVES attention since she was left to her own devices all the time. Prior owners surrendered her because she became destructive. We have seen none of that type of behavior yet as she has someone with her most of the time. She goes outside when she needs to...drink water, go to the bathroom, but has adapted to indoor living. She loves being with her humans. If someone would pet her/scratch her/rub her belly 24/7 she would be happy.

She walks well on leash, considering she was never taken on walks. She is still somewhat mouthy (very much a puppy) but corrects easily.

Some things on walks startle her, but this may be due to everything being so new to her.

She does want to jump on counters/tables/people, but corrects very easily. Exercise and formal training will make Kammie into a great companion for some lucky home.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added April 2021`

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