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HueyHuey Head

Huey is a robust, large-framed 3 old Black and Tan male with a beautiful plush coat. He was initially adopted from our organization when he was a 6 month old puppy, but was recently returned because the couple could no longer provide the care he needed. He currently lives in a foster home with another playful female who does her best to engage him in frolics, chase, and fun play. Huey rarely refuses this invitation, and will reciprocate with exuberance. Because he is currently overweight (> 120 lbs), however, care is taken to monitor his activities. His slow daily walks and low calorie diet are already uncovering his handsome Shepherd stature. While he has a ways to go, nothing seems to be slowing him down from wanting to play or join in on a new adventure.

This boy is generally social and welcomes a chance to meet other dogs (large and small) and adults with a calm demeanor. In his previous home, he apparently enjoyed the company of a cat. While he is curious to engage, often he will choose to lay quietly in peace. When he is in a crowd of multiple dogs or people, he often prefers to seek the company of his human and may get agitated with others (humans and busy dogs) approaching. Supervision will be needed to insure he does not feel the need to keep others away. A low-key household without young children will suit his nature the best.

Huey's energy level is relatively low to medium. He is very food motivated and finds interest with his safe chew toys. At times he does not share toys with his co-fosters but will relinquish to the direction of his human if definite boundaries have already been set. He may not defer to young children, so a home with teenage or older children only. He does well left alone while his foster mom is at work, and will exhibit a masterful alarm bark. He is housebroken and uses a large sized dog door. In the evening, he crates himself (into an XL sized crate) where he snoozes through the night. He walks very well on a leash, and responds rapidly to corrections and commands. This boy has a lot of affection to share with his endless gentle wags, and he will not ask for much except soothing belly rubs and a chance to please his forever family.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2021

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