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HowardHoward Head

Howard is an adorable sable male weighing 25-30 lbs and one of our Aviation Litter puppies born 7/24/21 in our foster care. He went into a home with a toddler but, with his sharp puppy teeth and still jumping, he was too much to have with this young child.

Howard uses a dog door and is completely housebroken. He has learned the sit command and gives his paw to shake hands. He likes to chase toys that are thrown for him but doesn't always bring it back. He likes to play in the water bowl and drinks a lot of water too. He has lots of puppy energy, but then needs to spend a lot of time napping as his body is growing quickly. He is not a fan of being picked up or being restrained by a hug is still an affectionate pup. He loves rolling around on the carpet and playing but he still hasn't learned not to bite when playing so lots of toys to redirect his mouth is a must. His favorite toys are stuffed animals and bears, but not too fond of tennis balls. He has been with small dogs and cats and did well, but does want to chase the cats when they run.

A home with another playful dog would be ideal for Howard. As a puppy, he still has a short attention span and will randomly chase after a leaf or butterfly when outdoors. We wait until the puppies are at least 6 months old before neutering so a longer trial period will be needed as we are required to spay and neuter all of our dogs and puppies before being adopted. During this time, we expect the new family to provide continued training and socialization.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2021

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