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Gitana (in Spanish 'gypsy girl or woman') is a gorgeous young female GSD with a sleek bi-color coat of black and fawn, and distinct silver markings around her ears. She came to us as an owner surrender from a family that was no longer able to keep her we estimate her to be approximately 10-11 months old. Gitana is on the smaller size, but has long legs and an athletic and slender build, weighing in at about 55#.

It took a while for Gitana to figure out the whole idea of housebreaking. But after a few initial accidents, she seems to have figured it out. As long as she's let out regularly she is very good about going outside to do her business. She loves to run around outside with her foster pack, as much as she loves to hang out around them in the house. Despite her diminutive size, she can hold her own in play battles and chase sessions with her larger foster pack mates. The only thing that she must be watched closely for is picking up sticks, twigs and pulling small branches off bushes around the yard. Left unattended, she will sometimes run around and chew these items. Chasing her around to take these items away is just a game to her, so we've learned to monitor her closely when she's out playing in the yard.

Although Gitana can sometimes be reactive at first when meeting people, she has a very playful and affectionate nature and a pleasant energy about her which comes across once you get to know her. She can also sometimes comes across as being a little bossy with other dogs when she first meets them. However, she is presently learning appropriate play behavior from her human and canine pack mates.

Gitana apparently did not have a lot of socialization or training before she first came to us. Once she learned how to not fear household features such as stairs, hardwood floors, and pocket doors, she was able to graduate to leash walking and meeting new people and dogs with proper introductions. She has built a lot more confidence now and does much better, but will need continued work to realize her full potential. Having started without much in the way of manners, she has already learned sit and wait for her food, and is working on general sit, wait and stay commands. She's also still learned that no matter how excited you are, jumping up on people is not cool (even if you're a smaller dog). Gitana responds very well to one on one training, but this is a dog that will benefit greatly from a full obedience training course in a group setting with her new owners. She is not particularly treat motivated, but responds well to being praised in reward for learning. While Gitana loves to play, she will also self sooth with a Nylabone or hard rubber chew toy.

Although this is a very active and high drive little girl, she also knows how to enjoy a quiet moment. When relaxing with her foster pack in the evenings, Gitana generally prefers to lie on the open floor near her people and pack mates. At bedtime, she will sometimes fuss a bit at going into her crate (we're still working on that) but she does settle immediately and sleeps thru the night when the lights go out. Whatever extra work it is to put her to bed is more than compensated for when you wake her up and uncrate her in the morning. Gitana greets the day with raucous enthusiasm and excitement.

Gitana has exhibited low prey drive around the yard, but has not been cat tested. We believe she could live in a home with a dog savvy cat, but would need to be introduced properly and tested for compatibility with any potential resident cats. Gitana does like going for trips in the car and will generally sniff out the windows for a few minutes at a time, alternating with lying down quietly for the duration.

Considering her personality, we feel that Gitana would do very well with another dog around, preferably an older male. But she would do well on her own, provided her new family is prepared to keep her occupied and stimulated. Because of her high intelligence, we believe she will thrive with a family that will include her in daily outings and activities as well as continue to work on her training. Given her athletic stature and high drive, she would also do very well getting involved in any kind of dog sport or work or activity. This sweet little girl has a lot of love and energy to give, and will bring a lot of love and joy to the right forever home.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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