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Geri is a medium sized, white, sweet female approximately 7 years old. She was pulled from a Central Valley shelter, so not much is known about her past. Geri had a few scrapes that have been treated, healed, and the hair is slowing growing back.

She is a very quiet girl that just wants to be loved. It almost feels like she is smiling all the time and her tail is constantly wagging. Geri is house trained and uses the doggy door to go out for potty. She is crate trained and walks well on a leash. Geri sleeps through the night and will either sleep in a crate or relax on a dog bed. She can be left alone inside and out without issue during the day while at work or running errands.

This girl was a quick introduction to our four large breed dogs, both male and female, without incident. She is also respectful of our dog-savvy cats and leaves them alone. Geri sometimes gets a little jealous when others are getting attention. She may give a low growl, corrects quickly, and then waits her turn. With supervision and correction this should diminish over time.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2021`

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