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Dua is an adorable 10 month old affectionate sable female weighing only 48 lbs. She is thin and has not been eating well, so she'll look much better after putting on at least 5 lbs. She has a small head and smaller ears and appears to be part husky. She talks to you in a similar fashion as huskies. She was a stray from a local shelter, so we have no history on her.

So far, Dua appears housebroken and has decent house manners (unless something especially yummy is on the counter). She has been friendly to all people and been great with other dogs of varying sizes. She has heard the cat in the foster home and showed no reaction but has not met her up close. She is living in a foster home with a mature female German Shepherd and an adult large male German Shepherd and foster boy Huck who is in our program. She plays very nicely with Huck who is the only playful dog of the three. It took her several days to adjust to her new home and was very whiny the first few days and cried throughout the night in the crate. By day 3, she began calming down and sleeps through the night in a crate and doesn't cry every time the foster mom gets out of her sight. Dua walks nicely on leash but needs training in all other basic commands. She will occasionally find a Nylabone or regular bone left out for the dogs to chew on, but has not been mouthy or shown signs of wanting to chew on everything in front of her like some young dogs do.

A home that will provide Dua with regular exercise and take her obedience training will be needed to provide a forever home for this sweet girl. Another dog would be nice but she may do fine as an only dog too.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2021

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