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CognacCognac Head

Cognac is a 3-4 yo black and fawn picturesque male who is slightly underweight at 55 lbs. Like so many of our dogs, he was a stray without a story book of his past. However, since his arrival into our program, he has blossomed into one of our most versatile social butterflies. He will eagerly meet all dogs with joyous curiosity and do his best to invite play. He is a bit awkward in his play style and has a tendency to become overly aroused at times, so extra care and supervision is needed with small dogs. However, continued supervision during his initial dog- interactions with redirection is rapidly helping him develop appropriate play-manners.

This guy is endearing and will accept any opportunity for pets and face rubs. He is slowly learning to 'wait his turn' when he sees his co-foster receive human attention. When he receives affection, he may begin puppy-mouthing his human. Continued reminders that let him know this is not acceptable will allow him to settle properly as he enjoys his friendly rubs. He occasionally will jump with excitement after reuniting with his human, so caution with small children.

Cognac appears to have had limited exposures to the world, including indoor flooring where he sometimes will come to a standstill freeze. Because he is a curious boy, he will choose to follow the action and rapidly overcome this fear. He also came to us with a benign growth under the tongue and is scheduled for surgery very soon. Thus far, it is not interfering with his ability to enjoy his meals and yummy treats!

Aligned with his exuberant party-personality, he is eager to join in on any adventure including car rides and walks. However, in the home, he settles nicely on his dog beds where he waits patiently while his human is at work. Cognac is housebroken, accustomed to a dog door, and sleeps calmly in his crate through the night. His excellent house manners makes him a delightful household companion.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added April 2021`

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