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Chadwick is a one year old boy with a very dark sable coat that appears mostly black. He came from a local shelter so nothing is known on his background. We believe he is a Malinois and Shepherd mix, and like most Malinois, he is very attached to his human companions. Chadwick really wants to love and please his human companions so he is willing to take instructions and learn new commands as long as he can remember while managing the excitement of life as a one year old pup.

Chadwick has nice house manners and is house broken with the use of a dog door. He is happy to go explore outside so long as he knows he can come right back in when he likes. He sleeps well in a crate so long as his human stays there with him. He loves car rides and walks well on a leash; if he gets over-stimulated on a walk, a quick but firm correction helps him settle right back in so that everyone can enjoy the rest of the walk.

Chadwick gets along with most large dogs so long as he gets a proper introduction. He is a bit insecure when around a large groups of dogs but exercise, distraction, and corrections help him process his surroundings. Once he gets to know the other dogs, all he wants to do is play! Chadwick still has a bit of a puppy brain and doesn't always recognize or understand if another dog isn't willing to jump around and play. A quick correction from his human goes a long way to help Chadwick remember his manners.

Chadwick prefers to spend his time alongside his human companions all the time and would do best in a home where he isn't left alone all day long. He would likely do well as an only dog or with another large playful dog that can show him the ropes. No cats or small critters for Chadwick.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added September 2021

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