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Augusta is an almost 8 year old black and tan female German Shepherd. She was originally adopted from us in October 2015 and returned May 2021 from a family that had to move and couldn't find a rental that took large dogs. During her life she was known by her family as Sadie. Although she is almost 8, she is quite spry. She is quite playful and would love nothing more than to jump on your lap. And, if you throw her favorite blue balls she will be your friend forever!

Augusta came into rescue at over 90 lbs which was a little stout for her frame and hip issues. She has slimmed down to 84 lbs and is still losing some weight.

She is somewhat slow to warm up to strangers, and should be supervised when new people come to her home. Like a cat, Augusta has a limit for petting when she is on her back. If her eyes widen and her mouth opens, it's time to step away. She was probably handled roughly previously, and can play inappropriately. As a result of that she also startles easily if you come up quietly behind her to pet. She'll whip her head around with widened eyes. This behavior subsides as she gets to know you and realizes you don't mean any harm. Once she knows you she is quick to come over for pets and scratches and is very sweet.

Augusta walks well on leash and also rides in a car well. For some reason, she does not like the bicycles or motorcycles she encounters on her walks. She was an only dog her whole life, so should probably be an only dog. This girl is housebroken, comes when called, sits and will sometime lay down when told.

Augusta LOVES pools! She is in the pool or spa multiple times a day. She swims like Esther Williams!

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added May 2021

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