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Zoey May is a 2-3 year old pretty black and red Shepherd. She came into the shelter with a fractured back leg. Her leg has been surgically repaired and she is now going on her sixth week of recovery. No running or jumping for Zoey until November 14 when she has a recheck and should be able to return to normal dog activities.

Zoey lives in a multi-dog home and gets along with her both the males and females in her foster home. You can tell she wants to play with her dog buddies, so longer term she would probably like a dog buddy to play with. Zoey has been a little snarky with the young female in the home. She corrects very easily, but should be the only female in her forever home.

Zoey is housebroken and can sleep in a crate, or is trustworthy sleeping free on her bed. Because of her leg, Zoey is in a large kennel while her people are at work, she protests for a bit, then will settle. Zoey become very attached to her people and would love a home with someone home most of the time.

Zoey is a great girl who is curious, and very engaging. Continued socialization and training will help her become her best self. She will make a great addition for the right family.

Cats and other small furry critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added October 2020

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