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Wonder (aka Little Stevie) is a German Shepherd/Husky mix born on 7/3/2020. It is apparent that this cute little guy has some vision impairment, and he was surrendered to us when his owners could not care for him.

While he does exhibit vision problems, we are still waiting to have him examined to determine the extent of his impairment. His eyes do not seem to bother him, and he does sometimes seem to be able to see certain things. His diminished vision makes him a bit uncertain, and if left alone he will sometimes get overwhelmed and retreat to a safe spot. Since he is people and dog social, he just needs help sometimes knowing what to do and where to go. Helping him leave his comfort zone to interact with the dogs and humans in his foster home is slowly building his confidence to move about on his own. He bumps into things sometimes, but he is learning to follow sounds and shadow the other dogs to help maneuver around the house and will soon have it mapped out just like his blind, four-legged foster sister.

Wonder does not realize that he is different, and he behaves like a typical puppy. Anything he finds interesting goes into his mouth, and he needs to be re-directed with an appropriate toy. He is learning house manners and we are working on housetraining and walking confidently on leash. He will run around and try to play with the other dogs, but he is still figuring out how to take part in their doggie games. He interacts appropriately with the indoor kitties in his foster home, so he may be able to live with dog-savvy cats.

Wonder sleeps quietly in his crate at night and has even been known to take advantage of the open crate door when he wants to relax. Wonder would love a forever home with another canine companion to help with his confidence building and humans who will continue his socialization and training.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added December 2020

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