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TippiTippi Head

Tippi is an adorable one year sable female. She was hit by a car about 8 mos ago and her front leg was amputated. Her prior family was no longer able to provide for her properly and she landed in a local shelter.

She is fostered with an adult female, a 13 yo male and a 3.5 year old male, all German Shepherds, and does well. She appears housebroken and uses a dog door. Still a little young to be trusted unsupervised, so she sleeps in a crate and not given full access in the home alone. She loves a game of chase with the young male. Knows a few commands and quickly learning the go place command and leave it.

She is uncomfortable with men but slowly warming up to the men she has met in the foster home. Bacon helps a great deal. She has seen the resident cat and just laid down to the observe her.

This girl is affectionate and fun. She may not be a running partner but will make a great dog for some lucky adopter.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added December 2020

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