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StetsonStetson Head

Stetson is a handsome, 10-12 month old youngster. His black and tan fluffy, long coat makes him appear larger than his 70 lbs. He was a stray from a partner shelter, so we know nothing of his background.

This happy-go-lucky boy is still very much a pup at heart. He likes to turn everyday activities into a game and loves any interaction with his human, whether it be playing a game of fetch, playing with a stuffed toy, or just chilling at his foster mom's feet. He occasionally tries to play with objects he finds interesting, but will easily re-direct when told 'no' and given an appropriate toy.

Stetson will eventually settle into a crate at night, but he is not a fan of this sleeping arrangement - his favorite place to call it a night is right next to his foster mom's bed. He is housebroken with use of a doggie door, and has learned to sit and wait for his food.

It appears that Stetson has never lived with other dogs, but he has acclimated to living with three other German Shepherds. He loves to rough house and play with the other youngster in the house, but tends to pester his older, grumpy pack mate.

Stetson is very loveable and affectionate, but his exuberance may be too much for small children. He seems to like water and immediately flopped down into the kiddie pool at his foster home. He would love a family to include him in family activities and provide him with continued training and exercise.

A resident dog is required to adopt Stetson.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added April 2020

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Stetson 03