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Sargento is a handsome 2 yo black and tan male weighing 87 lbs. He was relinquished by his previous owner because he was not able to provide Sargento the attention he deserves. Most of his life has been limited to the backyard with minimal exposure to the world of humans. Despite this, he is adapting in his new foster home well and appreciating the comforts of the indoor life.

This boy truly enjoys meeting all humans with calm demeanor. Once he knows you are his buddy, watch out! He will burst in exuberant joy when he reunites with you even after an overnight slumber! He can be very bouncy at times, so he will do best in a home without small children. While Sargento's eager affection can be extremely fun and endearing, he will benefit from boundaries to allow him to gain calm and self-confidence. Consistent guidance is necessary for him to prevent taking over the human from other dogs. Currently, he is living with another female Shepherd (see Simona) where he is rapidly learning the rules of sharing space and attention. In fact, he is beginning to enjoy this new partnership each day.

Sargento has moderately to low energy, but he is eager to go on his daily walks in cool weather temps. Car rides are also an adventure he is learning to enjoy. He'll even curl up like a cat to fit in the front seat! The hustle and bustle of the neighborhood are strange to him, but with continued exposures, he is learning these are not a threat.

He has excellent house manners, is housebroken, knows basic commands, and sleeps well in a crate during the night. He accepts treats in a gentle fashion and shows no tendencies to guard his food. Much of his enjoyment is simply being by your side, often napping on his extra-large dog bed. Sargento has no doubt earned his place as a member in a loving family that can offer him a future of bonding and adventure.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2020

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