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Rayla is a lovely 2 yo Black female Shepherd weighing approximately 65 lbs. She was a found stray, so her previous life remains a mystery. On initial encounters, she may appear timid and cautious, and may gently retreat from new situations. This is rapidly overcome, however, when her keen curiosity takes over. This girl is unanimously described as Sweet and will no doubt seek your affection and approval within no time as she bonds quickly with humans.

Rayla recently lived in a household with a senior male, a playful young pug, and a confident cat whom she completely ignored. They all shared their space with mutual respect and bouts of cooperative play, and found their constant human company very satisfying. She currently is being fostered with another large female Shepherd and they get along fine, although Rayla has not engaged the other dog to play yet.

While she enjoyed her routine of daily walks, this alone did not satisfy her high energy needs. True to the finest qualities of her breed, this gal craves dedicated physical exertion. She will therefore do well in a home where she can engage in regular exercise, such as outdoor hikes, runs, extended walks, or energetic fun games. Challenging mental activities, such as Tracking or Agility, will also fulfill her uniquely keen intellect! Currently in her foster home, she goes for a 1 hour walk plus a 10 minute bike ride and she is pooped for the day. With this lifestyle, this gal settles into the household with impressive manners. In fact, she is known to retreat into her crate in the evenings on her own where she will sleep quietly through the night. Rayla corrects well with her willingness to please, and is house broken. She is also a good alarm barker.

Emotionally, Rayla is making progress as she adapts to the life of the modern world. Car rides at times are over- stimulating for her, but she quickly learns that laying quietly is a fun way to travel. Nighttime walks are an enjoyable outing, however she can occasionally become unexpectedly startled in the dark. She finds comfort in her crate while her humans are away and is learning that when they leave, they will soon return. Consistent emotional boundaries and firm guidance from her humans will allow her to develop the confidence to enjoy all that life has to offer.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2020

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