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MoochMooch Head

Mooch is an approximately 1 year old bi-color, plush coat male, who weighs around 70 pounds. He was rescued from a shelter as a stray, so nothing is known of his past. He is a silly puppy with a face that is so soft it feels like baby bunny fur. Mooch takes treats very gently and is learning not to put his mouth on people. He has medium energy and is food motivated. He knows a few basic commands including the *go-potty* command. He is trained to sit before going out or into the front door. He heals nicely, goes on 2 hour walks a day, but does need correcting around other critters and humans. He likes ropes, squeaky toys, stuffed animals and warm showers. He is currently living in a house with a large male and female German Shepherd and gets along well with them. Since he is still a puppy he will play with your belongings, just being silly. He currently sleeps quietly in a crate all night in his fosters bedroom.

Mooch needs someone who is firm and serious about setting boundaries, since he needs to keep learning social rules and manners. Obedience training is strongly recommended since he needs to see you as the leader. We do not recommend that he go into a home with any children. He tends to resource guard some valuable items and does not like children trying to take his valuables away. His foster can easily take a bone away from him though. He is currently in a temporary home with boundaries where he is never allowed to be an alpha dog. With an experienced handler this will be a beautifully behaved dog.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added December 2020

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