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Kye is an approximately 2 year old male German Shepherd weighing 81 pounds. He was a stray from a local shelter, so nothing is known about his past.

Kye bonds quickly with his human and gives good eye contact. He greets people well, has medium energy and is food motivated. He rides nicely in the car and waits quietly while you run into the store for 5 or 10 minutes, (while parked in the shade). He has nice house manners, but sometimes plays with your things being silly. He knows some basic commands including the 'go potty' command. He is trained to sit before going in or out of the front door. He is very affectionate and can sometimes get a bit pushy for attention including jumping on people. For this reason, no children under 13 years old for this boy. His feet are sensitive and don't like to be touched, so building his trust before attempting to handle his feet is important. He is agile and known to jump a 6' wood fence, climbed out of a chain link kennel with no cover on it and tried to dig out when he couldn't scale over a fence. Having a secure enclosure to leave him in is important.

He will sleep through the night in a crate if he knows you're nearby. He will ring a bell when he needs to go potty (bells included). He heels well, but he does need correcting when critters are near. He barks at small dogs and when close to a large dog like a Rottweiler he makes a charging motion.

He currently lives with a large female German Shepherd and plays well with her. Obedience training and consistent boundaries are recommended to help with his jumping, reaction on leash, and teaching him whose in charge so he will be successful in his new home.

No cats, critters, birds, livestock or small dogs.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what this level of dog requires.

Added December 2020

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