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Dashell aka Dash is an approximately one year old black and tan male who came from a local shelter as a stray so there is nothing known about his background. He is a sweet boy who is still all puppy in personality. It is evident that this boy chooses his canine pack mates over human companionship. When humans come around he will sometimes play "chase" much like a child having fun. In fact, he is very content spending his days with other dogs in the safe outdoors or following his one dog companion inside to relax the time away.

He does well in a crate, but with his skittish behavior with humans he is not currently house trained. He would do well with another dog who can teach him the ropes of the household and that doesn't mind getting nosed or doted upon. He is able to walk on leash, but must have his dog companion along or he gets very lost on what to do and how to function.

Dashell has met cats and is curious about them. If you tell him to leave it he will walk away. He does like to chase the birds outside in the yard. If you are looking for a companion for your dog and don't mind a young dog who is aloof and currently tries to avoid human contact, then Dashell may be the right fit for your home. With time, Dash may learn to trust people and even seek human affection, but patience will be key in working with him.

Small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added August 2020

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