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Carly RaeCarly Rae Head

Carly Rae was a stray found by a good samaritan in the Modesto area, and had suffered severe injuries to her fromt right leg. Even after under going an amputation of her leg she is an exceptional girl! This is one resilient girl, has adapted very quickly to becoming a tripod and is very happy on three legs. At 50 lb Carly Rae is on the smaller size. Maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for her and should include a high-quality protein diet.

Currently, Carly Rae is living with large males/female German Shepherds. She always gives each dog kisses, plays tug, and will join in a game of chase. Sometimes she will get really excited and pick up a shoe but will release it on command.

She has basic obidience and will correct very easily. Riding in a vehicle seems new to her and she settles quickly. Carly Rae is crate trained, housebroken, and loves to be with people.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added January 2020

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