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Merc Merc Head

Merc is a stout 80 pound 12- 18 month old boy. He was pulled from a local shelter after a month when he was not re-claimed or adopted. He was picked up by authorities after evading Animal Control officers for a couple hours by jumping fences through several backyards. Merc is an energetic athletic boy who can be a bit mouthy when excited or protesting. He will pull if given the chance, so a correction collar such as a prong collar is needed when walking him. He is very amenable to corrections, and is eager to learn, but does need a handler who is clear with expectations. He sleeps quietly in a crate all night in his fosters bedroom, and settles nicely in the house after a walk to burn off his energy. He rides nicely in a vehicle, easily jumping in and out.

Merc is currently living with 4 other dogs of similar size, and is a bit pushy with the other male dogs in his foster home. He plays more appropriately with the older female dogs in the home, so a home with another male dog may not be the best fit for him. He displays some prey drive, so a home without cats, small dogs or small furry or feathered critters would be best. Continued obedience training and leash manners is a must for this big boy to be his best.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2019

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