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LeBron is a 12 week old black and tan German Shepherd puppy. He is one of 4 puppies who were rescued from a local shelter along with their Momma Tasha.

The puppies came into rescue weighing between 7 and 10lbs. They were very underweight and suffering from Demodex mange. After several weeks of good food and medicated bathes they are up to a normal weight of 20 - 25 lbs., and the mange has cleared up. The puppies are not completely housebroken yet but are trained to use potty pads.

LeBron is the largest puppy of the litter, weighing over 25 lbs. He is the alarm barker and the protector of the puppies. He also is very talkative when he plays.

LeBron will need a home with an adult dog to help him learn all about being a dog.. He will need training and socialization with different sites, sounds, smells, and exposure to lots of different people of all ages and sizes.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added June 2019

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