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StratusStratus Head

Stratus is an adorable 15 month old white shepherd weighing 74 lbs. He was found running stray and hanging out near houses that had dogs in the yard. Stratus has picked up on living in a home environment quickly. He is housebroken. After a couple nights, learned to run right into his crate at night. Stratus is a youngster, and as such needs something appropriate to chew on. If he doesn't have something that is his, he will find something of yours.

Stratus gets along with the large male and female dogs in his foster home, but does not do well with other pushy dogs. He would probably be ok as an only dog, but he would really like a dog buddy to run and play with. He is ready to jump into your car for a new adventure.

Stratus is learning leash manners. He doesn't pull much any more, but he still barks when he sees other dogs of all sizes approaching on leash. Continued training and socialization will help him continue to improve.

Stratus has done well on outings to Home Depot and the pet stores. Stratus would like a home that includes him in daily activities and will provide leadership and structure. This boy responds to gentle but firm corrections.

No cats and small dogs for this young boy.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added November 2017

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