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Malibu is a beautiful black and tan girl, about 18-24 months old, who was an unclaimed stray from Modesto. She came to us with a severe skin infection that has now healed completely. She has a sensitive system, so special attention to her diet will be important.

Malibu is an energetic, loving girl who thoroughly enjoys being around her people. She is the epitome of the term "lap-dog," and she follows you around like a puppy. She sleeps in a crate at night and when left home. However, she needs chewies and toys to keep her occupied, because if left alone, she will become destructive and try to escape. She does not know her boundaries yet in her foster home, but is learning basic commands, leash training, and staying calm.

She is easily corrected, but still needs a little work on her manners. She came to her foster home counter-surfing, chewing on anything she could find, jumping up on furniture and people. She is getting the hang of the rules, and once corrected immediately stops doing the behavior. She is a very sweet girl who will need a diligent, yet gentle, home with someone there with her as much as possible.

She will need a somewhat active life, such as walks or exercise to fulfill her energy. She plays well with the resident dogs both male and female, and will need another dog to play with. She is delicate when playing, but will absolutely hold her own. She shows no sign of food or barrier aggression, and if not watched carefully, will eat the other dogs' food before they will. Malibu is very curious about small dogs and cats, but has shown no signs of aggression towards them. Malibu is okay with older children, but unknown around smaller children.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2012

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