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CameronCameron Head

Cameron is a 1-2 yr old female who was an unclaimed stray from the Merced shelter so there is no information on her background. She is a sleek, black and tan little lady who has adapted to her foster home in the mountains. She has taken to the outdoors and would make a great hiking, running or biking companion.

She is comfortable with both the male and female resident dogs, and has gotten along with all the people and dogs she has met so far. Her compatibility with cats is questionable as she has shown interest in birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Cameron is intelligent and catches on very quickly but would benefit from further obedience training to further reinforce her reliability.

She comes when called, sits for her meals, knows to Leave It, rides in a vehicle, walks nicely on and off leash and sleeps freely in the house at night. She does not like being left alone in a crate and has managed to break out on more than one occasion.

Cameron has just enough spice to her sweet personality that makes her curious about some things to go and explore. She is alert and doesn't miss much that goes on around her. She is skittish in new settings or unfamilar surroundings and may run off if given the chance. Her ideal home will require her person or family to be patient to develop a relationship and continue to work on her trustworthiness and level of confidence. They will also need to be active to satisfy her energy level and provide a job or possibly participate in the sport of agility, rally, tracking or nose work to stimulate and satisfy her mind as well.

This is a Level 3 Dog

Added February 2012

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Mug Shot - Shelter 12/31/11

Cameron Shelter 12/31/11