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Owner Referral Dogs

We have great sympathy for people who must give up their dogs. It’s heartbreaking all around and devastating for the dog. We have provided this page for those people who wish to rehome their own dogs themselves, or for dogs that we can't take into our program. We will also list dogs for smaller, independent rescues and law enforcement agencies.


For information on listing your dog with us, please go to our Owner Information page.


We have not seen or evaluated these dogs. We make no representation and take no responsibility for the health or temperament of the dogs listed on this page. Please contact the owner directly if you're interested in one of these dogs. For helpful information on adopting a dog, please see Adopter Information below the dog listings. And let us know if you find a match!

Dog Listings

Adele Head


Please contact Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue, if interested in adopting Adele.

Website: Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue

Adele was brought to Southern California Belgian Malinois Rescue (SCBMR ) by a couple who found her and her litter of puppies on the side of a rural road. They took them in and cared for them until they were old enough to find new homes.

Adele was a shy, nervous girl, who was in need of a better diet. She had little trust towards people when we she arrived at our SCBMR.

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Added February 2019

Kizmet Head


Please contact Elise, if interested in adopting Kizmet.


An adoption fee of $100 will be required for Kizmet.

Kizmet is searching for a home with an active outdoor ranch property with a doggy companion(s) and considerate owners. She is a gentle and loving 3-year-old (estimated) German Shepherd (60 pounds). She is wonderful with other animals and children, though she might prefer to not live with small children. She needs everyone in her family to understand her anxiety, so they can help her be her happiest self.

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Added February 2019

Zelda Head


Please contact Alpha Dog Rescue of Northern California, if interested in adopting.

Phone: 707-225-5033
Website: Alpha Dog Rescue

An adoption fee of $100 will be required for Zelda.

Zelda is a high energy, spirited, happy, sweet girl about 3 or 4 years old. She is not a dog for a first-time owner but would be a great addition for a family with German Shepherd or similar breed experience who understands the need for structure, leadership, and training.

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Added December 2018

Adopter Information

When you inquire about a dog, more details on the following issues might be helpful in deciding whether this dog is right for you. Questions you might ask the owner are:

  • Why are you giving up the dog?
  • Has the dog ever bitten, nipped or 'gone after' anyone?
  • Does the dog have any health problems? Who is the vet? May I contact him/her?
  • Where did you get the dog? Does the dog have papers?
  • Does the dog have any training? Is the dog housebroken? Crate trained?
  • Is the dog left alone for long periods? What does the dog do? Bark? Dig? Chew?
  • Is the dog an inside or outside dog? Where does the dog sleep?
  • How does the dog behave with adults, children?
  • Other dogs? Cats?
  • Is the dog mellow? calm? energetic? protective? affectionate?





The benefits of a German Shepherd—loyalty, protectiveness and eagerness, to name a few—come from careful obedience training and authority. Everyone in the household must be prepared to show “authority” and earn the dog’s respect with a firm but loving touch. They do not respond to negativity or anger. Once achieved, this respect may need to be earned again and again.